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‘Brindle Community Hall’ stands on the site of the former ‘Brindle Parish Institute’, which was given to the village in the early 1920′s by Lord Chesham, the Brindle Estate owner at the time.  This was at the request of four returning veterans from World War One, which had claimed the lvoes of some 17 men from the village.  They wanted a place for recreation and enjoyment where they could put behind them the horrors of the war and ‘fraternise as they had done in the trenches’.  There is, therefore, a very strong connection between the current Hall and WW1.  To mark this, and in commemoration of a hundred years since then, and also to protect the site for the community in perpetuity, the site has been designated a ‘Centenary Field’.

To mark this, a commemorative celebratory event at the Hall was held around noon on Sunday 1st July 2018.  The .Centenary Fields’ plaque has been mounted on a large boulder from Brinscall Quarry and was unveiled by Sir Lindsay Hoyle, local MP and Deputy Speaker a the House of Commons.  A brass band played, there was a display of historical photographs and records and light refreshments served.  This was a wonderful and very special occasion in the history of the village and Hall.

Brindle Community Hall is not a memorial Hall but still fulfils its original purpose, a plce of recreation, enjoyment and hope for generations to come.